TheGlassStudio Image 211 – Lillian H. Smith Library stained glass

Abstract stained glass window with purple, red and blue glass

Lillian H. Smith Public Library, 239 College Street, Toronto

Stained glass abstract window designed and fabricated by glass artist Thomas Smylie for the Lillian H. Smith public library, Toronto. “Presented to the Toronto Public Library in honour of Lillian H. Smith, Head of the Boys and Girls Division (1912-1952) and the colleagues and friends for whom her belief in children and books is a living philosophy. This window is the gift of the Toronto Public Library Alumni Association and many well-wishers.”

Fabricated with mouth-blown Lamberts antique glass with Fischer gold pink with custom metal attachments. Size: 96″ wide x 36″ high, in a custom frame. On display inside the library on the main floor. Installed in 1996.