TheGlassStudio Showroom Collection – BEVELLED BASKET

Hand bevelled glass detail by The Glass Studio - BEVELLED BASKET

TheGlassStudio Image 501 – BEVELLED BASKET

A tour de force of stained glass design and craftsmanship, this showroom window has been featured on our website for many years as an example of our best work. Requiring almost 100 hours of patience to make, this window features The Glass Studio’s 8mm thick, custom hand-made bevels (click image to enlarge detail) combined with our very best art glass and an alternating border of 44 round and square German turquoise double-faceted jewels. The background is Lamberts mouth-blown clear craquel. Framed in a refinished antique sash. The frame OD is 19-3/4″ x 40-5/8″ high. The stained glass panel without the frame is 15-3/4″ wide x 36-3/4″ high. Exceptional in every respect. Price $8,250.00