TheGlassStudio Showroom Collection – RED FLASHED BULRUSHES

Stained glass window with swallow artwork by The Glass Studio

TheGlassStudio Image 507 – RED FLASHED BULRUSHES

A gorgeous example of art glass created using two-layer ‘flashed’ glass, custom etched with artwork. This panel features intense red, blue and amber flashed glass made by St. Just in France. The artwork is hand-cut then the colour layer is removed or ‘etched’ using fine abrasive. A selection of faceted jewels and rondels completes the design. Framed in a refinished antique pine sash frame. The frame OD is 15-1/4″ wide x 51-3/4″ high and the leaded panel without the frame measures 11-7/16″ wide x 47-3/16″ high.  Price $2,250.00